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Telemarketing cases

We work to stop telemarketers that violate the Do Not Call Registry and to shut down telemarketing fraud rings that try to rob you of your money and your personal information.  You can read about actions we've taken to stop unwanted and illegal telemarketing calls.


Telemarketer Type of Case
Caribbean Cruise Lines, Inc. Do Not Call/Robocall
ISI Alarms NC Do Not Call/Robocall
 Automotive Protection  Do Not Call
 Warrior Custom Golf  Do Not Call
 Blue Cross Blue Shield  Robocall
 Your Money Access

 Assisting Telemarketing Fraud

 U.S. Fidelis  Do Not Call/Robocall  
 Public Policy Polling of Raleigh  Robocall  
 Rosetta Stone Communications  Robocall  
 Premier Timeshare Vacations  Deceptive Telemarketing
 Media Synergy Group  Do Not Call/Robocall
 Automotive Protection  Do Not Call
 DISH Network  Do Not Call/Robocall
 Possibilities Unlimited  Do Not Call/Robocall
 Affiliate Strategies
 Landmark Publishing Group
 Grant Writers Institute
 Answer Customers
 Apex Holdings
 Telemarketing Fraud
 Grant Writing Plus, Inc.  Deceptive Telemarketing
 Women's Voices Women Vote  Robocall
 Southend Painting Contractors, Inc.  Do Not Call
 Premiere Nationwide Corporation, Inc.  Telemarketing Fraud
 Enterprise Technology Group, Inc. d/b/a 
 Ameritrust and Ameritrust Financial Card
 Do Not Call
 Interlingual of America, Inc.  Do Not Call/ Other
 AJM Enterprises ("Craftmatic")  Do Not Call
 Possibilities Unlimited  Do Not Call
 TNT DBS Marketing, Inc.  Do Not Call
 Your Money Access, LLC  Telemarketing Fraud
 United American Technologies  Do Not Call/
 Buzz Telecom  Telemarketing Fraud
 Phoenix Consumer Services  Telemarketing Fraud
 Operation CORAL (law enforcement sweep in Montreal, Canada)  Telemarketing Fraud
 Consumer Grants USA, Inc.  Telemarketing Fraud
 Consumer Reward Network, Inc.  Telemarketing Fraud
 National Healthcare Association, Inc.  Telemarketing Fraud
 AmeriNet  Assisting/Facilitating Telemarketing Fraud
 Guardian Communications  Do Not Call/Robocall
 General Mortgage Services, Inc.  Do Not Call
 Telelytics, LLC  Do Not Call/Robocall
 Patton General Contracting of Raleigh, Inc.  Do Not Call/Other
 Patton General Contracting of Charlotte, Inc.  Do Not Call/Other
 Mortgage Investors  Do Not Call
 Simple Marketing Solutions, Inc./Simple Credit Plus, Inc.  Telemarketing Fraud
 Theodore E. Bartex d/b/a Maxi Finance  Telemarketing Fraud
 Del Sol, LLC  Telemarketing Fraud/Fraud Against Hispanic Consumers
 Communications Concepts (DirectTV Retailer)  Do Not Call
 Barrier Island Station, Inc.  Do Not Call
 New Horizon School of Real Estate  Do Not Call
 American Communications (DirectTV Retailer)  Do Not Call
 AT&T  Do Not Call
 Buckmasters  Do Not Call
 EBN Financial d/b/a Satellite Direct  Do Not Call
 The Price Group, Inc. d/b/a Jack Price Sports  Do Not Call
 MST Business Research  Do Not Call
 Vitana Financial Service  Do Not Call/Robocall/
Telemarketing Fraud
 Consumer Protection Publication (Crosby and Gregorio Gomez)  Telemarketing Fraud
 National Association of Credit Service  Telemarketing Fraud
Nations First Financial Enterprise Telemarketing Fraud
NationalOnLine et al Telemarketing Fraud
Unclaimed Property Recovery Telemarketing Fraud
FGH International
Telemarketing Fraud/Fraud Against Hispanic Consumers
Optimum Mortgage Group, LLC Do Not Call
National Event Coordinators Do Not Call
Debt Management Fndn. Sevices, Inc. Do Not Call
Warrior Custom Golf Do Not Call
Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation Do Not Call
FNC Investments Telemarketing Fraud
Bay Area Business Council Telemarketing Fraud
Publishers Sweepstakes Do Not Call (Mercury) et al Telemarketing Fraud
Carpet DryClean of Raleigh Do Not Call/Robocall
Peace and Quiet Fraud Watch,
R&R Consultants
Telemarketing Fraud
The Tungsten Group, Inc., American Savings Discount Club, Inc. Telemarketing Fraud