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Improving the Environment

Encouraging good stewardship of our natural resources and protecting North Carolinians from polluters that harm our health and economy is a high priority for Attorney General Cooper and the Department of Justice.
“It shall be the policy of this State to conserve and protect its lands and waters for the benefit of all its citizenry . . .” North Carolina Consititution Art.XIV § 5
Cleaner Air
North Carolina has petitioned the Federal government to require out of state polluters to reduce harmful emissions. The Attorney General asked the courts to stop the TVA from unreasonably polluting our state and won a landmark settlement to clean up all of the TVA's coal-fired power plants.
Environmental Crimes
The Department’s Environmental Crimes Task Force investigates illegal activity and assists state and federal prosecutors in bringing people to justice. State Bureau of Investigation agents investigate crimes such as illegal dumping of hazardous waste and cheating on environmental tests.
Cleaner Water
Under the Smithfield Agreement, the Attorney General supervised an effort to find innovative and environmentally superior technology for handling waste at hog farms. Each year we provide up to $2 million in grants for environmental projects.