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School Director Corner

As a school director, it is imperative that you know of upcoming changes that could affect your students and your institutions. Criminal Justice Standards and Sheriffs Standards encourages you to contact staff and members of the School Director Advisory Committee with any issues or concerns that you may have.

See the links below to access the School Director Advisory Committee's newsletter. Links or attachments mentioned in the newsletter are included on this page under Links to Resources.

2016 School Director Conference Presentations
Fayetteville Police Department- BLET Academy

The Sergeant Robert Weathers Award for dedication, integrity, and selflessness was recently awarded to Shawn Wani of Fayetteville P.D. BLET Class 2016-3.  The award, which was voted on by his peers, is named after longtime Training Sergeant Bob Weathers.  Sergeant Weathers retired from the U.S. Army at the rank of Command Sergeant Major, and went on serve the citizens of Fayetteville for an additional 25 years before retiring at the age of 72.  He embodied the values emphasized at the Fayetteville Police Academy, and will always be remembered as a humble leader.  Presenting the award at the BLET Graduation were retired Training Sergeant Don Baden and the current Training Sergeant Charles Cochran.  

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Steve Johnson: CJ Education & Training Standards Commission
Dawn Suffel: CJ Training and Standards
Autumn Hanna: Sheriffs' Training and Standards
Glenn McNeill: NC Department of Public Safety
Larry Hilton: Mitchell Community College 
Robert Dance: Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
Aaron Vassey: Cleveland Community College
Stacy Holloman: NC Justice Academy
Jon Gregory: Wake Tech Community College
W. Lorin Dingler: Forsyth Tech Community College
Sherry Hunter: Raleigh Police Department                                                                
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